September 19, 2021

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AMA with Unstoppable Domains & Cake Wallet / Monero

1 min read

Last week we announced support for the open source Monero, Bitcoin, and Litecoin wallet, Cake Wallet, and today our co-founder, Brad Kam, is here to answer all of your questions about our newest integration!


Monero is a private, untraceable asset launched in 2014 that has become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world with a $4 billion market cap. Now, Cake Wallet’s 150,000 users can send Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) across 50+ wallets and exchanges with Unstoppable Domains’ simple, easily-readable usernames.


Check out our interview with Cake Wallet Founder, Vik Sharma, to learn more about Cake Wallet, Monero, and their integration with Unstoppable Domains 👉

If you missed our live AMA and are watching the replay, feel free to drop any questions or comments below and we’ll get your questions answered ASAP!

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