December 5, 2021

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Building a Brand to Improve Lives of Communities in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest

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The Flona Tefé is a national forest in Brazil’s Amazonas State. Communities in the Flona Tefé reside along the rivers and practice sustainable farming and fishing, and extract forest products. With the support of Brazilian institutions and WIPO, a group of local producers in Tefé and Alvãraes is preparing to apply for a collective trademark for their “Flona Tefé” branded products which include cassava flour, oils and honey. The “Flona Tefé” brand will add value to these products and help take them to market, improving the lives of the producers and their families.

The project is carried out under the framework of a WIPO Development Agenda initiative on collective marks in four beneficiary countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Tunisia and the Philippines. Originally proposed by Bolivia and approved by the WIPO Committee on Development and IP in 2019 (, its implementation started in 2021, for a projected duration of 2.5 years.

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Domain name News source: World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO