October 24, 2021

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Building a More Inclusive Web 3.0 with Venture Capital—Kinjal Shah from Blockchain Capital | Ep. #91

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Kinjal Shah. She’s a Senior Associate at Blockchain Capital, a crypto venture fund, and an investor at the Komorebi Fund, the very first investment DAO focused specifically on funding female and non-binary crypto founders.

Kinjal talks about her experience moving from traditional financial services into crypto. She explains how Blockchain Capital works and the kinds of projects they typically invest in.

We discuss how Blockchain Capital decides which projects to invest in, and Kinjal shares some underdog projects which people might not be aware of. We discuss infrastructure and the biggest needs in this space right now, along with some different approaches to bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Kinjal shares how she feels about DAOs — are people jumping into them too fast? Will they ever replace traditional VCs? We also talk about how Komorebi started and where the idea came from, along with how decision-making takes place and how people can get involved.

Finally, we discuss some ideas on how we can make the crypto space more welcoming for women in general.


0:00 Intro
0:40 How did Kinjal get interested in crypto?
1:37 How did Kinjal start learning about crypto?
2:32 Kinjal’s favorites resources for learning about crypto
4:08 What types of projects does Blockchain Capital invest in?
6:57 When did Blockchain Capital decide to pivot towards DeFi?
8:17 What does ‘the consumer landscape’ include in the crypto ecosystem?
9:53 What is the thought process of deciding what projects to invest in?
14:20 Where are the biggest needs in the Web3 infrastructure right now?
17:52 DAOs
20:50 Will DAOs replace traditional VC firms?
24:11 How will DAOs change the educational model?
26:46 Komorebi Fund
28:43 How does Komorebi Fund evolve over time?
31:26 How does the decision-making process work at Komorebi?
33:27 Why aren’t there enough females working in the crypto space?
36:56 Is mainstream consumer crypto adoption going to come from existing incumbents and celebrities or startups and communities and why?
40:31 What’s something in crypto that you have to build up the willpower to do?
42:48 Where can you find Kinjal?

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