January 29, 2022

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Building and Growing Web 3 0 Communities with Patrick and Graeme from Mirror xyz | Ep. #84

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Patrick and Graeme from Mirror.xyz. It’s a decentralized content platform that has shot to fame through its smart use of social media and novel features.

We talk about how the idea for Mirror came about and the initial problems the guys wanted to solve, along with how it was able to grow so quickly in the early stages.

The guys also share their thoughts on $WRITE RACE — one of the most interesting and engaging ways of onboarding people to a Web 3.0 project — how it works; how they were able to build such a big community so quickly; and why the guys recently created a new airdrop on top of it.

Patrick and Graeme give their thoughts on the coolest projects or uses for Mirror so far, and we also discuss what’s in store for the short- and long-term future for Mirror.


0:00 Intro
0:55 How did Patrick get interested in crypto?
2:35 How did Graeme get interested in crypto?
3:19 Why did Patrick and Graeme start Mirror?
5:27 How did Patrick and Graeme get the idea for Mirror?
7:18 How has Mirror evolved from the beginning until today?
11:52 What are the features of Mirror?
18:30 Why were the airdrops created on top of the $WRITE race?
21:28 Who gets an airdrop?
22:59 How have Patrick and Graeme been able to build a strong community?
25:02 What are the coolest ways of using Mirror?
31:24 What’s the future for Mirror?
33:33 What were the most formative past crypto and non-crypto experience that contributed to Patrick and Graeme’s vision of Mirror today?
37:53 Why did a product like Mirror happen now and not two years ago?
40:14 How does the team approach the question of NFT durability, philosophically + practically?
48:33 What do Patrick and Graeme most want to see built on top of Mirror by 3rd parties?
52:58 Mirror allows writers more freedom. How will this change the type of content that we see produced?
55:12 Where can you find Patrick and Graeme?

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