July 2, 2022

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Building Blockchain Platforms for Everyone with Vik Sharma from Cake Wallet | Ep. #78

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Vik Sharma, founder of Cake Wallet, the first open-source Monero wallet since 2018, with which Unstoppable Domains is now integrated.

Vik tells us all about how Cake Wallet was born and where the idea came from, and gives a brief overview of Monero and what differentiates it from other coins.

We talk about UX—how important UX is for crypto and how different projects can improve their UX and become more accessible to a mainstream audience. Vik also shares what he thinks are some of the biggest UX features that need to be developed to bring people into the blockchain space.

We discuss some of the biggest challenges with educating newcomers and bringing people into the decentralized space, along with some of the other big barriers to mainstream adoption aside from UX.

Finally, Vik shares his thoughts about the future. Is decentralization all or nothing? Or can we take baby steps to transition from a centralized web? Also, what’s coming in the near future for Cake Wallet, and the blockchain space as a whole?


0:00 Intro
1:23 How did Vik get interested in crypto?
2:35 How did Vik start learning about crypto initially?
4:11 What was the process like to set up a wallet in 2013?
5:15 Why did Vik decide to found Cake Wallet?
7:55 Are there any key differences between Monero and other cryptocurrencies?
10:33 What cryptocurrencies did Cake Wallet support when it was created?
11:11 What cryptocurrencies does Cake Wallet support now?
11:57 How can the UX be improved with crypto wallets?
13:15 Where did the name Cake Wallet come from?
15:00 What have been Vik’s biggest challenges about educating his customers about crypto?
19:05 Vik explains crypto to newbies
23:38 What UX features still need to be improved to onboard the masses onto decentralization?
27:37 Major challenges for mass crypto adoption
29:52 Is it ok to have partially decentralized applications to help onboard the masses?
31:54 What will decentralized social media look like?
32:58 What’s new for Cake Wallet in the future?
34:55 The big picture of the crypto revolution
37:20 Vik explains his tweets
42:43 Where can you find Vik?

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