October 5, 2022

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Ep. 117 – The Evolution of Digital Identity In Web3 with Matt Gould from Unstoppable Domains

3 min read

In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, our very own CEO Matt Gould is here to talk all about digital identity and how this will work in a Web3 world.
We talk about the rise of the digital economy and the importance of managing your identity in a world where life increasingly takes place online. Matt talks about how our digital presence is becoming ever more important as digital assets grow in value, and how digital property rights will become crucial as we own more and more virtual possessions.
We dive into NFT domains and how they could form the cornerstone of digital identities. Matt talks about how our identities in Web2 are siloed and fragmented, and how NFT domains could solve this problem, along with how NFT domains are different from wallet addresses.
One challenge facing digital content creators today involves being at the mercy of big platforms, struggling to monetize their content, and facing the constant threat of being de-platformed. We talk about how Web3 is changing things for the better here.
Matt explains how to add data to an NFT domain and associate it with your identity. We also cover the concept of permissioning — granting permission to access your data — and how it works.
Finally, we talk about what the future holds. Can NFT domains change the way we think about privacy online and create a freer and fairer internet, a place where today’s younger generations can start to build something meaningful?

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0:00 Intro
2:43 Digital Identity
5:21 Owning digital identity
6:57 Why are NFT Domains important for digital identity?
10:40 The difference between your wallet address and an NFT domain
13:52 The difference between your wallet username and an NFT domain
16:10 What will your data associated with your digital identity look like?
20:15 How will your portable digital identity work?
22:39 What other sources of data might people want to associate with their digital identity?
25:28 Discord channel
26:03 How does reputation work with digital identity?
29:56 How do badges tie to your NFT domain?
33:34 How can you connect some off-chain data to your on-chain identity?
35:55 How will permissions work around digital identity?
42:57 How will Web2 companies interact with this new permissions model?
45:16 How will users profit from their data?
49:32 Why should someone acquire an NFT identity today, given some features are not ready yet?
51:44 Who’s an Influential web3 creator, entrepreneur, collector that inspired Matt?
51:38 What is Matt’s favorite NFT that he owns?
52:14 In 5 years what’s the craziest thing we’ll be doing in the metaverse that people aren’t thinking about yet?
53:31 What’s next for UD regarding digital identity?

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