October 5, 2022

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Ep 120 – Everything You Need to Know About DAOs with Yury Lifshits from SuperDAO

3 min read

In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Yury Lifshits. Yury is the CEO and Founder of Superdao, and he’s going to talk all about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), why they’re so important, and what the future holds in this area.

Yury talks about finding his way into crypto from a background in mathematics and computer science, some of the projects he’s worked on, and the fundamentals of what DAOs are and how they work.

We talk about how DAOs have evolved and how off-chain involvement is becoming more important. Yury shares some of the benefits of DAOs that he’s encountered compared to traditional organizations, along with some of the downsides and challenges. We discuss decentralization — is it really an all-or-nothing concept?

We discuss who should join a DAO, what is typically expected of members and whether people are joining for reasons other than financial. Yury dives into the rise of digital assets and why they are becoming popular. Finally, we talk about the future of DAOs and what’s coming next.


0:00 Intro
1:24 How did Yury get interested in crypto?
2:56 What is a DAO, and why is it important?
5:58 Advantages of a DAO
11:05 Downsides of being 100% decentralized
15:06 Is it ok if the funds for a DAO come from a centralized source?
19:59 Different roles people can play in a DAO
23:03 Should someone who doesn’t want to be so active be discouraged from joining a DAO?
25:28 What are the reasons for people joining DAOs?
31:11 How are DAOs different than Kickstarter?
34:16 Is there a desire from consumers to trade physical assets in the digital world?
38:13 From a regulation perspective, how fast should we be moving around DAOs?
41:50 If Yury was advising BAYC, what would they need to make a successful launch?
50:25 How many DAOs will there be one day?
50:39 What will the biggest DAO failure be, and will that cripple the movement?
51:38 What would the biggest DAO be in a few years?
52:37 Who is going to be the next major web2 company that’s going to start doubling in DAOs?
54:26 Who’s an influential web3 creator, entrepreneur, or collector that inspired Yury?
54:49 What is Yury’s favorite NFT?
55:13 In 5 years, what’s the craziest thing we’ll be doing on the metaverse?
56:55 Where can you find Yury?

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