October 24, 2021

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Getting Inside Decentralized Autonomous Organizations DAOs with Chase Chapman | Ep. #97

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we sit down with Chase Chapman, Co-Founder at Decentology, and talk about everything from what got her into crypto originally, her passion for DAOs, and how those who want to get involved with them can get started. She shares her thoughts on the danger of burnout when working in the crypto space, as well as talking about how companies and social interactions will continue to evolve in an anonymous, time-asynchronous space.

Part of what drives Chase (and Decentology) is a desire to make crypto more accessible to people in general. One of the ways she sees this happening is through DAOs. These make it possible for the developers and auditors—the actual community working on a project—to have the freedom of freelancing and with the upside of ownership.

It isn’t risk-free, as of course the tokens earned for these projects can swing wildly in value: they’re nothing like a traditional fixed asset or currency.

Chase also shares the tip of ‘lurking’—it’s a great way to find out what the vibe is like in a DAO and where you could contribute. She likens it to the real-life equivalent of being able to look at the Slack conversations of a company you are interviewing with.


0:00 Intro
0:47 How did Chase get interested in crypto?
1:46 How did Chase start learning about crypto?
3:24 How did Chase get the idea for Decentology?
5:11 What are the biggest pain points for builders in the blockchain ecosystem today?
7:51 What cool apps have been built on Decentology so far?
8:28 What blockchains does Decentology support?
10:30 What DAOs is Chase part of?
12:20 How did Chase discover the DAOs she is part of?
15:39 What has been Chase’s experience with the different DAOs she is part of?
17:51 What would a perfect onboarding process for a DAO look like?
20:57 Are DAOs a good way for people on web2 to get into Web3?
23:53 Problems in DAOs today and their possible solutions
30:43 Striking the balance between working async vs. having face-to-face time
35:25 How do you maintain the same level of contribution from the members in a DAO?
39:51 What are the main hurdles preventing DAOs from replacing all corporate structures?
42:40 What made Chase start the On The Other Side Podcast?
47:34 Where can you find Chase?

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