December 4, 2022

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How to Do a Google Patent Search by Patent Attorney (In-Depth 60 Minute Walkthrough)

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Your work… your diligence… what does it take? Before you can start the process of filing for a patent, you need to do a patent search to make sure your idea is truly novel. So… how do you do that? What is the process of doing this through Google? Learn about how to do a patent search on Google with this in-depth video! (More FREE resources below…)⏬

Registered USPTO patent attorney, J.D. Houvener from Bold Patents Law Firm, shares How to Do a Patent Search on Google.

Below we have provided resources and timestamps with brief explanations for each important section on how to invent something.

Quickly find what you are looking for by clicking on the timestamps below.

Timestamps for important areas of this video are located below along with a detailed blog article that I wrote that goes into this topic even more in-depth.

➡️1:25 Getting Started

✔️Introducing the Patent Search Case Study
✔️Learn how to define what your invention is
✔️How to approach your patent search
✔️Learn some key terms and what to note before you begin

➡️7:15 Begin the Search

✔️Watch how to put in the descriptions for your invention through Google
✔️Learn how to start broad and narrow down as you go along
✔️Learn how to read an abstract and what you should be looking for
✔️See how you can examine drawings and classifications in a patent and find what you need

➡️1:55 Step 3: Map Out Your Solution

✔️Learn about getting to the root of the solution you are developing
✔️Go beyond the problem and plan out the invention
✔️See how to develop a universal solution others can use

➡️11:15 Use Information to Narrow Your Search

✔️Watch how to take classification numbers and other info from one patent to search for others
✔️See how to find similarities in a patent even if the main parts are very different
✔️Learn some common mistakes and tricks to watch for

➡️16:15 Using the USPTO

✔️Discover how to use the USPTO itself to find relevant classifications and search elements
✔️Introduce yourself to the USPTO Full-Text and Image Database
✔️Go in-depth with keyword searching

➡️28:48 Thoroughly Analyze the Similar Patents

✔️See what you should be looking for while analyzing patent information
✔️Learn how you can read all this information and use it to find other similar patents
✔️Maximize efficiency by knowing how to skim and what to look for

➡️32:22 Revisiting the Invention Disclosure

✔️Go back in-depth to pick apart the Invention Disclosure and know what to look for
✔️Pause to reflect on some possible questions and their answers
✔️Finish up on the patent research

➡️33:57 Non-Patent Research

✔️Use Google Images for the non-patent side of your research
✔️Learn how to be creative with search terms so you are thorough
✔️Use the Advanced Patent Search tool

➡️52:17 Wrapping Up Your Search

✔️Learn how to gather all of your findings to finalize your search
✔️Watch the final steps in the patent search process


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