June 28, 2022

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How to File A Design Patent Application (The Ultimate Video Guide)

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How do you file a design patent application? How is it different from a utility patent? How do you know if your product qualifies? Here is your complete guide! (FREE resources included below…) ⏬

Registered USPTO patent attorney, J.D. Houvener from Bold Patents Law Firm, explains how to file a design patent application!

Below we have provided resources and timestamps with brief explanations for each step of how to file a design patent application.

Quickly find what you are looking for by clicking on the timestamps below.

➡️3:00 Step One: The Novelty Search

✔️Just like utility patents, design patents require an extensive search to determine the invention or product’s novelty.
✔️Searching for similar shapes is not easy–make sure a patent professional is involved!

➡️3:58 Step Two: The Preamble

✔️The Preamble includes the title and the inventor or inventors.
✔️Just like the title of a utility patent, this title should be as short and simple as possible.

➡️6:15 Step Three: Cross-References

✔️Give credit to the shapes designs that came before yours.

➡️ 6:54 Step Four: The Claim

✔️This couldn’t be more different from a utility patent claim!
✔️Your claim will be exactly this: “The ornamental design as shown and described.”

➡️ 7:13 Step Five: Descriptions of Figures

✔️Drawings are the heart of the design patent.
✔️All surfaces must be shown and properly shaded.

➡️8:42 Step Six: Solid or Dashed? Know the Difference!

✔️Whether lines are solid or dashed is of utmost importance in design patents!
✔️Dashed lines represent parts of the design that are not being claimed within the patent.
✔️Areas that are dashed could look like anything in a final product!

➡️10:52 Step Seven: Time to Submit

✔️Once you get all the paperwork finalized, it’s time for your application to go off to the USPTO.
✔️Time to sit back and relax–you’ve done it!


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