July 2, 2022

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How to Get a Patent for an Idea (All the Basics Covered!) #patent

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Have you ever wondered how to get a patent for an idea? Can your idea even be patented? All of the basics are covered in this video! (FREE resources included below…) ⏬

Registered USPTO patent attorney, J.D. Houvener from Bold Patents Law Firm, explains how to get a patent for an idea!

Below we have provided resources and timestamps with brief explanations for each aspect of this subject.

Quickly find what you are looking for by clicking on the timestamps below.

➡️0:31 Bring the Idea to Invention

✔️An idea is NOT an invention, but it CAN be.
✔️To have an invention, you must know how your idea will work.
✔️You don’t have to have a prototype!

➡️1:58 Ensure Your Eligibility

✔️Your invention must be a machine, process, assembly, or composition of matter.

➡️2:58 Get the Inventorship Right

✔️If there are other inventors, they must be listed.
✔️A manufacturer doesn’t count unless they’ve come up with a novel feature.

➡️4:08 Who Has Ownership?

✔️Make sure that the company you work for can’t claim ownership!

➡️5:00 Know Your Goals

✔️Do you want to license your patent or start your own business?
✔️The answer greatly affects how you’ll go about the patent process!

➡️6:08 Disclosure = Disqualification

✔️If you’ve publically shared your invention over a year ago, you are no longer eligible for patent protection.

➡️7:06 Patentability

✔️You must be able to show novelty, utility, and non-obviousness.

➡️8:13 Marketability

✔️Even if you know you are patent eligible, you have to consider how to market your invention.
✔️This is true whether you are planning to license or use your patent!

➡️8:46 Written Description

✔️Be able to describe every detail of your invention in words.

➡️9:26 Think Big

✔️Don’t sell yourself short! You may want to seek international protection as well.


🔹 Check out our detailed blog article that explains how to get a patent for an invention: https://boldip.com/blog/how-to-patent-an-idea/

🔹 Learn how to file a utility patent application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1-AwTE0A_E&t=5s

🔹 Ready for the next step? Learn how to file your provisional patent application! https://boldip.com/blog/how-to-file-a-provisional-patent-application/

🔹 Get your FREE "Inventor’s Guide to Patents:" https://boldip.com/free

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