July 2, 2022

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How to Invent Something in 10 Easy Steps

3 min read

You know you want a patent… but first you need to invent something. How can you do that? Is it something only the most skilled entrepreneurs can do? What steps should you take to make it a reality?

Learn about the invention process with these 10 simple steps, starting at believing in yourself and going through to the end. Here is your complete guide! (More FREE resources below…)⏬

Registered USPTO patent attorney, J.D. Houvener from Bold Patents Law Firm, shares how to invent something in 10 easy steps.

Below we have provided resources and timestamps with brief explanations for each important section on how to invent something.

Quickly find what you are looking for by clicking on the timestamps below.

Timestamps for important areas of this video are located below along with a detailed blog article that I wrote that goes into this topic even more in-depth.

➡️0:50 Step 1: Believing in Yourself

✔️The importance of developing confidence
✔️Create a growth mindset
✔️Learn about taking pride in your work and congratulating yourself

➡️1:19 Step 2: Pay Attention

✔️Learn how to be alert about what may need solutions
✔️See how to develop an inventor’s mindset

➡️1:55 Step 3: Map Out Your Solution

✔️Learn about getting to the root of the solution you are developing
✔️Go beyond the problem and plan out the invention
✔️See how to develop a universal solution others can use

➡️2:25 Step 4: Evaluate

✔️Learn about value vs. effort
✔️See how to determine the worth of pursuing your idea
✔️Find out what the “ICE” acronym is and how it can help keep you on track
✔️Learn about going the extra mile

➡️3:43 Step 5: Basic Market Research

✔️Discover what consumers are buying right now and how your invention fits in the market
✔️Learn how to search for similar inventions before taking bigger steps
✔️See which industry may best fit your solution and learn about the details of that industry
✔️What makes your solution special? Why is it better than alternatives?

➡️4:40 Step 6: Professional Patent Search

✔️Get into the meat of patent searching to ensure that your idea is unique
✔️See the importance of a patent attorney at this point in the process
✔️Learn about what patent examiners look for

➡️5:13 Step 7: File a Provisional Patent Application

✔️Learn about the first steps in the patent filing process
✔️Find out the basic differences between provisional and non-provisional applications
✔️See how patent pending status can benefit you

➡️5:42 Step 8: Test Your Idea

✔️Learn about the concrete steps of perfecting your idea before taking it to market
✔️See the importance of testing and retesting during your provisional patent year
✔️Learn about raising money

➡️6:17 Step 9: License Your Idea

✔️Decide between manufacturing and licensing your invention (pros vs. cons)
✔️See the importance of definitively making this choice at this point in the process

➡️6:54 Step 10: Design Patent

✔️Learn about bringing it home with the non-provisional design patent application
✔️Pat yourself on the back for making it through to the end!


🔹Check out our detailed blog article that shares details on how to invent something in more depth: https://boldip.com/blog/how-to-invent/

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