September 19, 2021

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Is a Final Rejection from the USPTO Really Final? w/Patent Attorney J.D. Houvener of Bold Patents

2 min read

This week – I’m going to dive into final rejections from the USPTO for utility and perhaps design patents as well. I’m going to dispel the myth that these are really "final", and in many cases are routine to deal with. It’s common for examiners to make rejections final. This week’s episode will explain how best to overcome them, and not take the first "no" as an answer to get your patent rights you deserve!

Come learn about the entire patent process from conception/idea phase to patent granted from Bold Patent’s Founder, J.D. Houvener.

There is a LOT of misinformation out there in this area of the law, and I’ve made it my mission to educate and inform inventors of all walks, especially those solo inventors out there making the world better through their ingenuity and innovation.

I love interacting with live audiences, it’s fun to help people that are trying to do good in this world. So, let’s come together and learn how to do this right!

LEGAL NOTICE: By attending this webinar, you are not becoming a client of Bold Patents nor of J.D. Houvener. DO NOT share your specific invention with me or anyone else on this webinar. Confidential discussions and consultations can be scheduled so that we can discuss your specific invention with a Patent Attorney. This forum is for general questions about the process, not about specific legal advice.

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