June 28, 2022

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Provisional vs. Non-Provisional Patent Applications (The Differences You NEED to Know)

2 min read

What are the big differences between provisional and non-provisional patent applications? Why do you need both? Watch for find out! (FREE resources included below…) ⏬

Registered USPTO patent attorney, J.D. Houvener from Bold Patents Law Firm, talks about provisional vs. non-provisional patent applications!

Below we have provided resources and timestamps with brief explanations for each aspect of this subject.

Quickly find what you are looking for by clicking on the timestamps below.

➡️2:11 Patent Searching

✔️Believe it or not, you will need a patent search done for each type of application.
✔️This is an investment to protect you from wasting money later!

➡️3:47 How Long?

✔️Provisional applications are less complex, so they won’t need as much time.
✔️If you get your provisional and non-provisional done by the same law firm, you can shave a few weeks off the time.

➡️5:54 Pendency

✔️A provisional buys you exactly one year to get your non-provisional completed.

➡️6:25 Attorney’s Fees

✔️There’a huge range here, depending on your invention’s complexity.
✔️A non-provisional will probably be around twice the cost.

➡️7:26 USPTO Fees

✔️USPTO filing fees are significantly smaller than attorney’s fees.
✔️Your fee for filing will actually depend on the size of your entity.
✔️Again, provisional application fees will be much lower than those for the non-provisional.


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