June 28, 2022

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Simplifying the Head Scratching World of Scaling ETH, with Sameep Singhania from QuickSwap | Ep. #79

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Sameep Singhania. He’s one of the founding members at QuickSwap, the biggest decentralized exchange on Polygon right now and a layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum. He’s here to talk all about the project and what they’re doing.

QuickSwap is a fork of Uniswap. Sameep digs into the question of whether projects that fork off others have a responsibility to give back to the original project in some way, for example via tokens.

We discuss L2 solutions—what is an L2 and what problems does it solve? What is the process of building an L2? Will L2 solutions eventually run into the same scalability challenges as L1, forcing us to build L3 solutions? Is there a trade-off with L2s, or any features you have to sacrifice?

Sameep talks about the new EIP 1559 fork, and how it could change things like scalability and gas fees. We also talk about the Quick token, how it works, and how people can get hold of it.

Sameep tells us about some of the big UX and UI challenges (beyond scalability and fees) that QuickSwap is trying to tackle. Finally, we discuss the future plans for QuickSwap (like potential moves to other chains) and the future for DeFi in general.


0:00 Intro
0:56 How did Sameep get interested in crypto?
2:27 How did Sameep wrap his mind around blockchain technology?
4:48 How did Sameep decide to found QuickSwap?
14:30 Do forked projects have any responsibility to give back or credit in some way the original project?
16:51 Layer 2 Solutions
18:54 Will Layer 2 solutions face the same problems that Layer 1 faced?
21:58 Are there any tradeoffs to building on L2?
24:08 How does EIP 1559 change scalability problems?
26:00 The $QUICK token
27:47 Does Quickswap have any plans for a mobile app or upgrade on the UI front?
28:55 Does Quickswap plan to stay on a Uniswap v2 clone or develop any new features outside of that?
30:39 Does Quickswap have any plans to move to other chains in the future?
32:06 What other problems of UX is Quickswap trying to solve right now?
36:04 The big picture of DeFi
38:32 How will things play out with Stablecoins?
40:11 Final thoughts on the crypto space
42:16 Where can you find Sameep?

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