November 29, 2022

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Summer Time Innovations Part II w/J.D. Houvener and Matt Kulseth

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On our second episode of the Bold Patents Summertime Series, we get to grillin’! J.D. confesses that he is a novice when it comes to cooking on the grill, but thankfully Matt comes to the rescue with some great ideas and tips to help J.D. improve his skills.

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Bold Bites Inventor: Tailgate N Go

This Shark Tank pitch aired earlier this month, and it fits right in with our summertime theme. The inventors, however, made a big faux pax while answering questions about their product. They claim to have a “provisional patent” for the Tailgate N Go. Our expert patent attorney, J.D., jumps to correct them. A provisional patent is simply an informal patent application. This is different from a non-provisional application, and it is certainly not a formally protected patent. The truth is that the Tailgate N Go’s patent applications have not been through a thorough examination at the USPTO to evaluate novelty.

Finally, Matt notes that there are no trademarks on file for the Tailgate N Go, so the company is at risk of either infringing on another mark’s rights and/or the company is not able to register a descriptive mark for their product and business.

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