January 29, 2022

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Young Entrepreneur Leads Global Movement to Preserve Coral Reefs

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Titouan Bernicot, 22, is the founder of @Coral Gardeners which is working to save corals from deadly bleaching caused by global warming.

Titouan and his team, based in French Polynesia, are using a mix of branding, content creation for their social platforms, outreach with influencers and innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to meld science and advocacy in service of coral reefs around the world.

“The big vision we have is that one day all around the world, we’ll have thousands of coral gardeners, local fishermen, surfers working hand-in-hand with scientists to take care of their local reef ecosystem, empowering the local community." – Tituoan told us.

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Domain name News source: World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO

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